Faygo Red Pop Coconut Rum Sorbet

Made with a local Detroit staple, Faygo Red Pop. This non-dairy sorbet is infused with coconut rum, made with fresh strawberries, and cane sugar. A limited-time summer flavor that will give you a refreshing taste of summer. Vegan-friendly.

Two James' Buttered Rum with Candide Walnuts

Calder's Milk and Heavy Cream. Two James' Dr. Bird Jamaican Rum. Candied walnuts. All combined for a deliciously unique and creamy Ice Cream Detroit favorite.

Oberon Orange Creamsicle

Bell's Oberon Beer mixed together with Calder's milk and heavy cream. Orange zest. Freshly squeezed orange juice. All of blended together to make the best orange creamsicle ice cream you've ever had.

PBR Banana Split

PBR beer, fresh bananas, fresh strawberries. Delightfully refreshing blend between ice cream and sorbet. This is your new summer shandy.

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